The Scoop About Us


All-Pro began operations in September 1992. The idea behind

All-Pro was to develop, manage, and run a bulk transportation

company utilizing the owners' various backgrounds in the bulk

dump industry combined with their hands on management

practices. By pooling each of their resources and experiences,

the founders were able to lay out a business plan focusing on

quality dedication towards the customer and innovative benefits

for the owner-operator. Since most of the original management team started out behind the wheel, they had a unique perspective of the driver side of the transportation industry. Later they gained valuable experience in the management and operations end of the business by working for nationwide bulk carriers beginning as dispatchers and progressing into terminal and operation managers. Finally this core group got together and decided it was time to develop and run their own trucking company...All-Pro Transport, Inc.


What started out as a small brokerage company specializing in bulk commodities has turned into two unique but coordinated transportation operations.

                                                                       All-Pro Transport, Inc. is the transportation company. We utilize the services of                                                                         dedicated professional owner/operators who have been qualified to meet                                                                             our strict safety and experience guidelines. All-Pro Transport, Inc. has                                                                                     48 state operating authority, various intrastate authorities and provincial                                                                                 authority for Ontario and Quebec. All equipment is 39 and 40 foot  aluminum dump trailers with waterproof tarps and three-way gates. Communication between the equipment and dispatch is open 24/7 allowing for updates on anything that would effect timely delivery. All-Pro Transport, Inc. has seven terminals located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, and Connecticut which cover freight in the US and Canada.


All-Pro Transport Company, Inc. is a licensed brokerage company.

We can manage our customers various transportation needs by 

working with over 500 different DOT certified transportation

companies under contract with All-Pro Transport Company, Inc.

Having this wide variety of carriers available enables us to be a

complete transportation management company. Through the

dedication of the employees, operators, and owners, the All-Pro

group provides quality service for our customers, enables owner/operators with the means to make a good living, and maintains a solid financial foundation that will keep All-Pro strong on into the future. So the idea that was envisioned in 1992 is a reality today.